Libertad o Muerte! is all about the wars of independence of the Spanish Colonies in America. In this turn-based game covering the whole Spanish American Empire and its vicinity, you will discover the most famous units and leaders of the conflict.
In Libertad o Muerte! players can take the role of the Patriots, fighting for their freedom, or that of the Royalists, trying to change history and keep that great empire under Spanish control.
Build your armies, play wisely your cards and resources and attack the enemy where he is weak. Create a new navy with the Patriots to contest the control of the seas, or prepare the Royalist fleet to destroy your opponent’s ships and take reinforcements to America.
Situation: Cancelled
General information:
– Players: 2 
– Period: Napoleonic
– Complexity: Medium
– Solitary Playability: Medium
– Language: English and Spanish (two versions of the game)
– Time Scale: 1 Turn = 6 months
– Unit Scale: Regiment, ship
– Recommended Age: 14+
– 1 Land/Sea Battle Card
– A 10-sided die
– Large mounted map
– More than 500 counters
– Game manual (24 pages)
– 6 Help sheets for players
– More than 200 cards

– Playbook ( Game Scenarios)


– Designer: Miguel Santacruz
– Graphics: David Arenas, Miguel Santacruz
– Production: Miguel Santacruz
Libertad o Muerte! Map


August 2021. We work on the components before sending to the Printer.

Libertad o Muerte! the boardgame at Bellota III Con. Last January we were at this Con showing the prototype and testing La Plata scenario.

Last February 2020 we were forced to change the map. This meant a huge delay in the production of the game.

Royalist counters. La Plata scenario.
Royalist counters. Mexico and Bolivar scenarios.
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