White Dog Games and Headquarter will publish in Spain

Thanks to the good relationship between White Dog Games and Headquarter we will work together producing WDG games in Spain starting September ’20.

The publishing objective is to produce same games that WDG already produces in english but this time will be translated to spanish.

All the components will be printed in Spain with good quality level meaning that these new versions will be in some way “deluxe” versions.

All the WDG published in Spain by Headquarter will have the following characteristics on their components:

  • Boxed games (hard cardboard)
  • Mounted game boards
  • Rounded square counters
  • Glossy paper manuals
  • Glossy cardboard player aids
  • Dice

Aside from that all games will have a revised art on the components when needed.

This new versions will fix all the previous erratas already detected in the original games.

The way this products line will work is with a PXXX program. The “XXX” will vary depending on the first results, but we expect a good welcome by the public.

Each game will be on preorder program until it reaches the defined quantity, then we will start the production process and printing process. Meanwhile, any new customer will be welcome and allowed to join the preorder program.

Once printed, shipping to preorders will start in first place. Then we will offer the game at the normal price and will be also available on hobby stores.

The preorder program will start with two of the most famous games of White Dog Games:

Get one of this titles with a P150 program this time!

Access to the preorder page of each game to reserve your copy at discounted price! Click on the images below.

Follow us on this program as next to this two awesome titles we wil produce other of the great titles coming from White Dog Games. Stay tuned!

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