Teruel 1937. Republican deployment and offensive

In this image we can see detailed the initial deployment in the battle of Teruel of the Republican Army that tou can find in the scenario Teruel 1937 in our game Battles For Spain. The divisions and brigades of the Republican Popular Army deployed around the salient of the front around the city of Teruel in winter 1937. You can alse see here the attack plan of Vicente Rojo general for the first two days of offensive and the available air units.

Will you be able to emulate the Republican offensive in Battles For Spain?

The republican units

General Rojo’s Plan deployed six  divisions on the Teruel front that will take the objective of breaking the front and surrounding and conquering the city of Teruel. The ones in charge of carrying out the main effort of rupture and surround the city were the veterean 11 Lister Division, and the 64 and 34 divisions of Martinez Cartón and Etelvino Vega.

The Republicans also had significant air support at the air bases of Barracas, Villar del Arzobispo and others nearby.

The Objective

The immediate objective was to break the front with force and push further to surround the city, and establish a defensive line to the West to avoid that  nationalist reinforcements could help the troops in the city. The rest of units will conquer the city.

The Game

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